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one of the (A)wesome photo that is REAL*  (they’re juz perfect for each other) since the writer decided to start to plan for this unexpected pairing,Klaroline, & boom, many of the fan find them very match!! & it the bigger un-real couple in TVD!! im proud of it!! one is directing movie, another one own a beautiful voice,backup singer/singer. “Joseph & Candice” simply FINE COUPLE!! i really hope that in the future TVD & THE ORIGINALS IT WILL LEND THEM TO A UNEXPECTED COUNTED FOR THEM TO HAV A REAL* FEELING FOR EACH OTHER!!! (finger-cross)  always forever shipping them!! hopping someday i would get a chance to meet both of them!! 

Fan from Singapore <3 u can find me on here or Twitter: gillian_aaa ^^//

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